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Dancer in White

I was sorting through some scraps and happened to notice one in particular. It had a really nice oval shape of torn paper left on it….

Sometimes, your trash can be so inspiring!

I found an old sketch of a dancer on vellum. We did a unit years ago on the Impressionists and I had drawn this when we were studying Degas’ dancers.

I cut her out and she fit nicely on the page…

Now for the fun part! I was cutting pages out of a book (one of those wierd things mixed-media artists do) and I came across these two illustrations.  The textures in the drawings are what caught my eye.

Cut out in sections, these penciled textures looked perfect under the dancer, just peeking through and giving the illusion of fabric.

And for the hair..

This part of one of the illustrations looked just like a crown to me…

I just kept playing around with these materials for a while until I like the result. I also added some little white flowers…

Beautiful quote about dance…

Have a beautiful week!


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