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Dancer in White

I was sorting through some scraps and happened to notice one in particular. It had a really nice oval shape of torn paper left on it….

Sometimes, your trash can be so inspiring!

I found an old sketch of a dancer on vellum. We did a unit years ago on the Impressionists and I had drawn this when we were studying Degas’ dancers.

I cut her out and she fit nicely on the page…

Now for the fun part! I was cutting pages out of a book (one of those wierd things mixed-media artists do) and I came across these two illustrations.  The textures in the drawings are what caught my eye.

Cut out in sections, these penciled textures looked perfect under the dancer, just peeking through and giving the illusion of fabric.

And for the hair..

This part of one of the illustrations looked just like a crown to me…

I just kept playing around with these materials for a while until I like the result. I also added some little white flowers…

Beautiful quote about dance…

Have a beautiful week!


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Singing Owls

These card designs are all hand-cut using some of the super-awesome paper in the KC Company’s Que Sera Sera pack. The changing seasons always put me in the mood for cutesy things like this.   These owls are enjoying the moonrise from their respective tree tops and singing sweetly in the night.  🙂

We have a great horned owl that lives around here by our house and I can hear him once in a while–love the sound.

All my hand made card sets are for sale on my Etsy shop for CS research. I send the profits to Boston Children’s Hospital, where they’re working on a treatment for Cockayne Syndrome.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. As you probably can guess, we’re hoping for a fire free weekend here in Texas!


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A Home-Made Puppet Theater

Two cardboard boxes from the garage became the framework for our home-made puppet theater.

I used a knife to cut out the opening on one side of the top box, and then taped up one of the flaps in back.  I think the photos do a better job of explaining it than I can.

With plastic trash bags for smocks, I put my young artist (and her friend!) to work painting the boxes.  They had it done in no time!

Then we got out some craft stuff: papers, stamps, scissors, and glue.

I made a clock they could “set” to the time of the show.

My daughter drew a sun and moon and stars, cut them out, and put them around the clock.

I had glued sheet music all over the boxes by this time, so we added the clock display.  My daughter also added a sign for tickets next to a slot in the box.  The little box toward the top is for candy.

“After people  buy their tickets they get to choose a piece of candy from the box,” she explained.

Seemed simple enough, but then she made tickets with special codes on the back so she could pick a “winning ticket” and give away a surprise treat.

I took a paint brush and gave it a quick coat of antiquing medium, heavy around the edges.

We also added some chipboard letters to spell out ‘SHOWTIME!” and a lot of gold glittery chip-board swirls.

We also cut a door in the back of the theater for storing puppets and props in.

And there’s a tiny bird that decided to perch atop our theater.  She has a great view of the stage.

My kids have had a blast with this little theater made of cardboard.  They spend hours selling each other tickets, filling the box with treats, and making puppets for different stories.  It’s so much fun! I’m glad I get to play, too.

Friends, my tiny Knox is not doing well.  He’s just not eating much these last few days.  I must bid you farewell for a few days while I care for my precious boy and try to get his intake back up.  Hopefully,  he’ll be back on track after the weekend!



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Autumn Colored Butterfly Cards


The heat is relentless here in central Texas!! 104, 102, 103, 105…..Some are saying this will prove to be the worst drought in our state’s history. It’s already the worst drought in my lifetime. Everyone asks the same question, “Is it EVER going to rain?”

I sure hope so. And the rains and cooler weather of autumn can’t come too soon!

Autumn colored butterfly cards for sale at my Etsy shop: “Cards for Cockayne Syndrome“.  All proceeds to research!





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‘Simply Adorned’ Charms

This is one of my favorite things.

Stampin’ Up offers these awesome  locket charms and I LOVE mine so much.

They are little glass covered frames that you can put your miniature creations in: poems, collages, photos, keepsakes,etc… 


And then wear it as a charm on a necklace or bracelet.

You can also hang it anywhere for a unique and artistic accent. I like to hang it around my glass lamp when I’m not wearing it.

Mine is always changing. I used to have a piece of Bible text that was meaningful to me in it, and I’ve had several photos of Knox in it, too. 

I was thinking it might be kind of fun to make a tiny replica of my ‘Endless Summer’ ATCs to put in and wear to the swap!


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Antique Baby Portrait Card

When I go to antique stores I look for old photos.  I love to find baby portraits in good condition.

I love the old-fashioned dresses they wore (the girls and the boys!) and their sweet expressions.

I always wonder how something that was so precious to someone at one time wound up for sale in an antique store?

A good friend of mine recently had a baby boy so I decided to turn this baby portrait into a card for her.

I thought it was neat how the “b flat” symbols resemble small letter “b”s for “baby”. 

A handwritten note…

Tied up with string and a tiny pressed flower…

Wrapped in soft yarn and trimmed with a tag.

Congratulations to the “B” Family!

“The happiest days are when babies come.”   -Melanie Hamilton, Gone With The Wind


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A Technique for Aging Paper

 I think old paper is so cool.

The older the better.

I’m sure there are one thousand blogs out there that show a thousand other ways to age paper, but here’s what I do:

1.) Give it a tea bath.

2.) Hang it up.

3.) Spray with Walnut Ink while the paper is still wet.

Tsukineko now  offers Walnut Ink powder and crystals so you can customize the shade you want even more.

4.) Let it dry in the sun.

And that’s it. 

 Now it looks and feels like paper that was left in a drawer for half a century or more.

Just the right look for projects that need a special vintage touch.

Here’s one project I’ve done with aged paper recently.

On our piano, I have a clear glass container lamp from Pottery Barn –the kind you can take the top off of and fill with different stuff.

I took several sheets of aged sheet music, rolled them up, tied them with black satin ribbons, and placed them inside.  What do you think?

I’ll show you another project using aged paper soon. Have a wonderful day!


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“All Praise to the Son” Hand-made Card

All Praise 1

All Praise 3

All Praise 2

All Praise 4

All Praise 5

All Praise 6


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Sheet Music Pencils

Sheet Music Pencils 1

I love to re-use boxes. I love to paint them, decorate the lids, and fill them with something fun. I came across this narrow box in my stash the other day.  It was the perfect size to put pencils in.

Many of the art blogs I read are using sheet music in different ways.  Sheet music  is a beautiful art material that adds a sophisticated touch to your paper art projects.   

Sheet Music Pencils 2

I got a small paintbrush and some black acrylic craft paint and painted the box with two smooth coats and set it aside to dry.

Sheet Music Pencils 3

I sanded the pencils well and then covered them by cutting strips of music to size and then putting wide double-stick tape (mine is the kind you use for framing) on each of the long sides. Then I carefully rolled the pencils up in the paper and pressed the end for a about a minute to make sure it was secure.

Sheet Music Pencils 4

Sheet Music Pencils 5

Sheet Music Pencils 6

If you try this learn from my mistakes!

Make sure you put the adhesive all the way to the very edge of the paper or you’ll have the ends curl like the first pencil in the picture below. Also, be sure and measure each strip accurately or you will wind up having pieces that are too short like the second pencil.  

Sheet Music Pencils 7

When the box was dry I cut some red tissue paper to line it,  finishing the edges with the scallop scissors.

Sheet Music Pencils 8

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sheet Music Pencils 14

I decorated the lid with one of the strips of sheet music and some red velveteen ribbon. To make an accent I punched a scallop out of silver metallic card-stock and then 3 consecutively smaller circles out of black and red decorative paper.  For the smallest circle I punched out a treble clef. I forgot to take a picture of this step but you can see it further down. Then I used two additional strips and loosely hand-pleated them to form two half-circles.  I stapled those two “fans” together to form a rosette frame for the accent piece.

Sheet Music Pencils 9

 I just LOVE red, black, and white!

Sheet Music Pencils 10

Sheet Music Pencils 11

Sheet Music Pencils 15 

Sheet Music Pencils 12


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