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Photos of Costume Jewels and a Tarnished Spoon

I’ve been working on the vintage spool challenge for Somerset Life and I’ve got a few ideas coming along…. but I  keep getting distracted. Like today for instance.  I pulled out these costume jewelry bits and pieces and wound up taking pictures of them the entire time I had to work on stuff.

Yep. That’s all I did.

Put pretty stuff on spoon, take pictures of pretty stuff on spoon, edit pictures while listening to Gypsy Kings.

Not a bad evening, really.

I hope I’m not the only one that gets so easily distracted!

And I hope you enjoy the pictures!


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Self-Portraits With Butterflies

Many of the great artists of the past sketched or painted themselves.

They looked into a reflective surface and used their own features in their art.

One of my favorite Renaissance artists, Albrecht Durer, created many images of himself in his lifetime; his first self-portrait was drawn around age 13.

I always enjoy looking at artist’s self-portraits.

They can reveal so much without any words at all.   (love this one). Many times, self-portraits reveal the artist’s emotional condition and what their situation in life was at the time it was executed.

I looked back through my blog posts and the last time I posted a self-portrait was about 2 years ago. It was a simple photograph, nothing fancy.

But a lot has happened since my 35th birthday.

In the same way that I try to keep my anger and pain veiled to those around me, I add layers of texture and images to veil my face.

I’ve been blogging for a while now, but I still hesitate sometimes. Perhaps it’s  because I know that some of my art may seem strange, not fitting the mold of the homeschooling housewife living in suburbia, who really should be knitting or something instead of posting wierded-out photos of herself!

It’s ok if you don’t like them, as long as you understand that my life is consumed with my son’s disease.  That’s the message.

You might even be inspired to create a self-portrait of your own.  In 10 years, you’ll be glad you did.


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She Sees Pain in the Mirror

Some days are better than others.


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Balloon Afternoon

Different compositions and angles are what I’ve been experimenting with lately.

Sharp angles are tricky, but sometimes I can get them to work.

I’m still having a great time playing with my camera and I learn a little bit more each time I go out.

And of course, I LOVE  big, fun props like these balloons. Thanks to my MIL for bringing these over from a party.


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Butterflies and a Blue Moon


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“Fortune Cookie”


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“Your Art Here”


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Line Drying


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High in the Sky


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