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Moonlight Maiden

I used Derwent Colour Soft pencils and ZIG Millenium pens to draw this maiden in the moonlight.

I’m not a big fan of the scary stuff this time of year. In fact, the only witch I’ve ever been fond of is this one.  But I do like to draw and make things that come along with this season: large yellow moons, colored leaves sailing in the breeze,  wise looking little owls, portly pumpkins of every size, and lots and lots of candy corn.

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of autumn with your favorite things. Have a wonderful weekend!


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“Lady in a Marsh” Sketch


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Butterfly Drawing with Hydrangea Petals

This is ‘purple’ week over at the Summer of Color challenge.

My inspiration was The Purple Hairstreak Butterfly.

I haven’t drawn anything in a while so I put my stamps, collage sheets, and stickers away for this one. 

I used my Derwent pencils–using ‘Imperial Purple’ for the dark shading on the branches, instead of brown like I would normally do.

And now for a little departure from nature…

Using some purple colored chalk, I lightly shaded in some color in the center of some pressed hydrangea petals.  Over the years the pressed flowers get prettier and prettier.  They look like old yellowed paper.

I carefully separated some petals and added them on the wings,and then put some in the tree.

A common question I’m asked these days is, “Do you need anything?”   I’m never sure how to answer this questions because there are many things I need, but they’re not things other people can give me. 

The message here is the only answer I can come up with.

Check out more purple art at Summer of Color.


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“I’ve Forgotten My Lines”


If you don’t know what to say to me these days, it’s OK.

I don’t know what to say, either.  I’ve forgotten all my usual lines and

can’t seem to come up with any new ones.

Does anyone have a script I can borrow for this next act?


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“Skating to a Valentine Party”

A little Valentine drawing for my daughter…

Made some changes and added lots of hearts: on her coat, on her shoestrings, on her hat,and stuffed in her pockets for her friends at the party. She’s also got a big Valentine for her best friend…behind her back.  🙂

Drew over the lines with permanent pens…

Used “Cretacolor Aquarellith” watercolor pencils to color…

Have a toasty weekend!

We’re due to have snow flurries tomorrow? Can it be true? 🙂


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Pencil Drawing after Fragonard

Here’s my drawing practice project I’ve been working on these last two weeks.

I use this book a lot when I’m looking for something to draw.  It’s a thorough art history with lots of interesting information about the art and artists.  It does contain all of the classic and contemporary nudes you would expect, however,  so if you prefer art books without those types of “masterpieces” included, you’ll want to pass this book up.

This painting is called “A Young Girl Reading” by Jean-Honore Fragonard, c. 1776. 

Reading is one of our family’s favorite things so any picture involving books appeals to me.

The hardest parts to draw were the hand holding the book and the folds of fabric on the arm. After many tries, the hand finally looked decent, but the folds on her “charming sleeve”, as Beckett describes it,  are all wrong. I’ll try and work on it some more this weekend.

I hope you find some time to sit down, relax, and enjoy a good book this weekend!  🙂


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Drawing Practice–Angelina Ballerina

I needed a break from my serious portrait study and decided to draw something fun!

My daughter loved Angelina Ballerina when she was younger and we still have all the books.    Helen Craig’s  illustrations are so whimsical and full of detail. 

I got my small sketch pad and pencil and drew this little mouse, using this book illustration as a reference.

  I started with the eye, head, etc.. and worked from there.  I used my Verithin Prismacolor pencils to lightly add some color. 

I drew the front wheel way too small,but it still turned out pretty cute.  We had a birthday party coming up for a little girl turning 4 at our church and I thought this sketch would make a cute birthday card for her!

I matted it onto some pink cardstock and added a ribbon at the top.  Then I stamped ‘happy birthday’ at the top. Done!


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Learning to Draw Faces (that look human)

When I first started this blog almost a year ago, one of my main purposes was to keep track of my ongoing efforts to learn how to draw.  If you’ve kept up with my posting much,  you know there hasn’t been much drawing practice.

Drawing takes so much effort!  Taking pictures is easier. 

I have produced many pages of faces in the last year that, frankly, are too scary to post.

Recently, however, I’ve renewed my determination.  I’ve been busy copying faces from my art books.  Here’s a recent example that won’t make any babies cry.  I used the painting above (Portrait of a Lady, by Rogier van der Weyden, c. 1460) as a model.  I purposefully lowered the hairline, though.  My book explains that it was the style back then to pluck the hairline back to create an unusually high forehead.  Interesting.

 Here she is again…

And here is my attempt to draw her…

You would not believe how much time I spent on that nose. It’s still not  right. I added the trefoil medallion (a symbol of the Trinity) for fun.

I know it doesn’t look much like the model, but at least it looks like a person, as opposed to an alien life form.  There are a lot of mistakes, but I see a lot of  improvements over the last face I posted!  That progress gives me the courage to post my drawings on here when I know many of you out there can do better. 

I’ll try to post the book I’m going through this weekend.  It’s a self-teaching book about drawing realistic faces and it’s helped me a lot!


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“Mice and Berries” after Jill Barklem

S.C. after Jill Barklem

S.C. after Jill Barklem

S.C. after Jill Barklem

S.C. after Jill Barklem

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Woodland Face

fall face 1

fall face 2

fall face 3

fall face 5

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