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Vintage Wooden Spool Toy

I have a dozen or so of these old spools that belonged to my mother, so I went through them and tried to find one in good shape to alter.  I wanted to turn one into a little match-up toy.

I apologize for not having all the process photos for this one..I worked on it really late at night and the photos wouldn’t have been that great.
It was fairly simple…I had some little clip art images of Victorian children. I picked 4, colored them with pencils and cut them out.

I removed all the thread on the spool and cut it in half (with a lot of help from the Mr.) and then sanded the rough edges.

I cut and adhered some pink papers for the background and then cut the children in half (oh my!!lol)

Then I glued them along the edges. The top and bottom of the spool were covered with some parchment paper stamped in script.

Taking some sturdy wire, I threaded it through both halves, down through a pink pearl bead,and then back up through two more beads at the top, wrapping the end of the wire down and around under the bead.

I took some white string and wrapped it around the top and bottom of the spool, gluing it into place with some craft glue.

My daughter loves this. As simple as it is, there’s just something about it that makes you want to pick it up and spin the spool, matching up the little figures.

And I don’t think it’s too early to say that these would make sweet stocking stuffers!


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