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Candy Corn Queen 2011

She started out as a sketch on tracing paper, just like last year. I decided on an Elizabethan style queen and  initially sketched out a castle along with her….but I changed my mind on the castle later on.

After the basic sketch was done, I made a copy of it, and began drawing in all of the details of her costume, adding candy corn wherever I could.

Instead of a crown, I drew a rose that matched the rose pattern on her under-dress, and put it in her hair

I cut her out, made some more copies, and started playing around with some different color combinations.  It’s amazing how many different ways you can color something with just black, yellow, and orange.

A more serene background, with a large moon and birds flying in the distance, allows the queen to become the central focus of the picture.

I think I might need some better glasses! Good grief, I was going cross-eyed coloring these tiny candy corn!

At this point I thought she needed something else to make her costume fancier.

Then I remembered “Hello Doily!” I ordered this stamp from Stampin’ Up a few weeks back and hadn’t used it yet.

Is this a gorgeous stamp or what?

It was the perfect size for a layer of lace behind her collar, and a single section of the doily became a small lacey fan.  It’s so cool when stuff works out like this!

Used my extra small x-acto knife to cut out her finger just enough to ‘hold’ the fan handle.

Used some ‘Black Soot’ Distressing Ink to color the background. These inks have become one of my all time favorite products ever, I use them constantly.

Now she seemed complete in all of her candied splendor…..she just needed a little SPARKLE.


She’s finished! And I hope you have some fresh candy corn to enjoy this weekend!

You know I do.  🙂


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“Stare Cards” for CS

I wish people would stop staring.

I designed some cards to give to people who stare at Knox.

It’s happening more and more frequently.  People can’t help themselves. Their eyes keep looking over at him.  They don’t say anything but their eyes ask the questions loud and clear.

 “What’s wrong with that baby? Is he OK? He doesn’t look quite right.”

Many can’t contain their curiosity and ask the DREADED QUESTION.

” How old is he?”

Here we go again.

And when I tell them they don’t believe me because he looks so small. 

Then their eyes start asking questions again.

“Fine,” I say to myself. “I’ll tell this one person.  I’ll go through it  one more time.”


It’s a strange thing having people stare at your child.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to it. 

 But I am going to give all of those questioning eyes something to read from now on.  I’m going to hand them a card.

It will answer all their questions, and hopefully, get them to stop staring.

I drew several different designs, trying to keep it simple.  I figured something hand-drawn would catch people’s attention.

At first, I wanted to make them the size of an ATC, but I couldn’t fit all the words on it.


I kept re-tracing it and making changes until I liked it.

Here’s the finished design. I copied several onto cardstock and then added some bright colors with highlighter pens.

And I know a certain big sister who is ready and willing to hand them out.


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“She Holds On To Time”



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Butterflies of Denmark

I’ve continued reading about other families who have had children with Cockayne Syndrome.

All the stories are hard to read and I always cry.

But ignorance is not bliss with this disease. I need to know what to expect so that we can give Knox the best care that we can while he’s here with us.

For example, instead of saying to myself every day, “We have at least 3-7 years with him,” I now know that any of his organs could fail at any time.  The small comfort I took from the “average lifespan of CS2” is gone.

I try and live each day as if it’s the last, kissing him and playing with him and smelling his sweet baby smell as much as I can. I can’t imagine not being able to smell him…moms, you know what I mean. 

As hard as it is, it helps to know that there are other families on the planet that have faced this tragic disease. There aren’t many, but there are some.

I’ve learned that some families have lost not only one child to CS, but two.

 This happens when a child with CS goes undiagnosed for a while because the disease is so rare.  Doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong until the child is a few years old.  Then, by the time the diagnosis is reached, a sibling has come along. And the second child has CS, too.  It seems so cruel and unfair.

  The parents had no clue.  They didn’t know the condition was genetic.

One such family lives across the ocean and they had the only two children with Type II Cockayne Syndrome in Denmark.

Both beautiful boys are in heaven now.  You can read about this family’s heart-breaking journey online. It was while reading their information and looking at the photos they shared with the world that I began to understand what was  happening to Knox. 

 I’m thankful for their willingness to share what they’ve been through so that families like ours can obtain a diagnosis sooner.

I drew a picture in my sketchbook a few weeks ago, thinking of this remarkable mother and her two sons who are now “butteflies”.

The white flowers are ‘Margeurite Daisies”, the national flower of Denmark.

I copied the design onto a small framed canvas and colored it with pastel pencils and a blender.

They live near the sea, so I added the lighthouse with the Danish flag on top.

I rubbed it with some Walnut Ink

Then I added some color back into it in a few areas with the pastels.

 I’ve been mulling over some ideas of ways to raise money for CS research.  Printing my butterfly drawings on greeting cards and selling them on Etsy is the only thing I’ve come up with so far.  It’s a small thing, but I want to do SOMETHING.  If you have any other ideas, please comment or send me a pm.

More awareness=More funds=More Research=A CURE.


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Books, Birds, and Butterflies

My mail box has been full of art this week.

I recieved my ATCs from the “Readers Everywhere” swap. 

 I love this photo collage: The little girl is reading on an elephant.

 I think this is the first real watercolor ATC I’ve ever received. It’s really nice.

Here are the ATCs from the “Whimsical Bird” swap.

Can you guess which one’s my favorite?

Finally, I did a swap on a whim with No Clever Craft. The theme was “Butterflies”. 

They are two of the prettiest ATC’s I’ve ever received! Thank you!

I’m addicted to these little works of art.

Anyone wanna trade?  🙂


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Much Sought After


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Heart Of A Different Color


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Two-In-One Illustrated Definition-“Bleeding Heart”


This sketch defines ‘bleeding heart’ by visually depicting two meanings.

A ‘bleeding heart’ can refer to a plant with drooping clusters of flowers shaped like hearts or a person regarded as too sentimental.                                           


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Genetic Mutations

Genetic Mutations.

Ugly sounding words, but they are very much on my mind these days as we await our son’t DNA test results.

What are they?

I’ve been reading a lot about genetics lately, as you can imagine.

I don’t understand everything, but I’ve learned this much:

A hereditary mutation, which seems to be what my baby boy has, is present in  every cell of the body.


This hasty drawing I did for the the letter “G” represents a lot of anger that I have.

God could fix this if He wanted to, and yet, I feel like He, himself, has shattered my hopes; crushing my heart with His own hand.

 Dear friends of faith, don’t feel like you need to comment with some encouragement or “it’ll all work out” type sentiment.

The truth is, unless God does a miracle, it’s not going to work out. 

Something the Chaplain told me in the hospital has been comforting in a wierd way.

She said much of how God works and what His will is will always be a MYSTERY.

I think that’s the only answer I’m going to get.


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