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Dancer in White

I was sorting through some scraps and happened to notice one in particular. It had a really nice oval shape of torn paper left on it….

Sometimes, your trash can be so inspiring!

I found an old sketch of a dancer on vellum. We did a unit years ago on the Impressionists and I had drawn this when we were studying Degas’ dancers.

I cut her out and she fit nicely on the page…

Now for the fun part! I was cutting pages out of a book (one of those wierd things mixed-media artists do) and I came across these two illustrations.  The textures in the drawings are what caught my eye.

Cut out in sections, these penciled textures looked perfect under the dancer, just peeking through and giving the illusion of fabric.

And for the hair..

This part of one of the illustrations looked just like a crown to me…

I just kept playing around with these materials for a while until I like the result. I also added some little white flowers…

Beautiful quote about dance…

Have a beautiful week!


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Newspaper Challenge for Somerset Life

When I was a little girl, I remember giving and receiving many gifts wrapped in the funny papers. Cute comic strips like “Ziggy”, “Peanuts”, and “Garfield” were some of my favorites. Not only was it economical, it was an added treat to be able to read my wrapping after I opened a gift!

I decided to try to elevate newspaper gift-wrap for Somerset Life magazine’s latest challenge.

First, I colored it:

*Shallow pan

*Little bit of water to cover the bottom

*Wilton icing colors (blue, pink, green, yellow)

I mixed each color separately, mixing a 1/4 tsp. of icing color into the water. Then I lay the newspaper in the tray and let it soak up the color like a sponge.  Then I tore it up into manageable strips and let it dry.  That’s it! (sorry I have no photos of this process, but I did it late at night)

I took some of the pink strips and wound them in tight circles to creat roses. I also took some of the blue and played around with it until it looked like a lily. I arranged the flowers and glued them onto a piece of cardboard, adding in some leaves here and there.

Next came the fun part. Glimmer Mist! ooh how I this stuff!!! My absolute favorite is “Sugar Plum Fairy”. I coated the whole package in shimmery plum, and then added some chunky crystal disco glitter to some of the leaves and petal tips.

I also added a shipping tag covered in newspaper and sprayed it as well. I found the phrase “Escape to a royal fantasy world” while I was perusing the paper. It sounded so lovely and mysterious…what could be in a box with a message like that?

Last but not least, I found a vintage costume clip earing that had the very same colors as the package! I love the contrast between the grunginess of the newspaper and the sparkle of the jewels.


I’ve been adding butterflies to almost everything lately.

I also created a smaller package using the same technique, only I made the roses very tiny for this one.  I mounted this arrangement onto a piece of burlap garland, which I thought looked a lot better, but it was too late to go back and change the first one.

I hope this inspires you to give your old newspapers new life before they get thrown into the recycle bin!


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ATC With Quilled Goldfish

The last week of the Summer of Color challenge is here, along with the toughest color for me…orange

My daughter had no trouble at all, however. She drew a sunny and bright “Orange Library”, complete with many juicy-colored books,  and a very tangy shaded lion.  How does she come up with this stuff?

Even the titles of some of the books are ‘orange-ish’–“How To Sqewws A Orange”.  (You know it’s time to start school when the struggling speller has regressed a full grade level or more. yikes!)

‘It’s an orange world,” the pages say, with an orange globe beside it on the table.  She’s so creative!

As for me, I’m still trying to get the hang of my mom’s quilling tools. 

Unlike my daughter, I really struggled with this color.  I kept it simple and decided to quill a goldfish…

I knew it would be pretty small, so I decided to use an ATC as the base and go from there. I found some cute dotted paper and cut some blue paper in a fish bowl shape. I also found this great piece of translucent plastic (from a notebook cover, I think?) to use as the bowl itself.

Then I added some orange-y seaweed and used a burnt orange marker to fill it with sand at the bottom.

Now came the fun part! I cut out the plastic in the shape of a bowl to layer over the quilling…

Another cool surprise was that the drops of glue look like bubbles when they dry.

Even though I got started late, this color challenge has been so much fun! I’m so grateful I was able to join in toward the end, and for the warm welcome from our very kind and talented host.

See more orange inspired art over at Summer of Color!


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Tiny Oceans

I  flipped when I saw these little corked bottles!  I have a serious penchant for tiny objects.

At first, I put some butterflies in them…

But they needed something more. Then I found the Summer of Color blog challenge and read that the color for this week is ‘brown’. 

I immediately thought of brown speckled shells nestled deep in brown sand.  A little sand for the bottom of the bottles, and then some water almost to the top.  Little shells dropping one by one down onto the miniature ocean floor…

A tiny bit of blue coloring…

Tiny drop of bleach, which causes a perfect bit of sea-water haziness…

I made the smallest bottle into a pendant and put it on a necklace for my daughter.

Each bottle is a tiny ocean…

Who do you think of when you read the words on this one?

Words that remind me of days at the sea when I was little…

Love all the browns: sand, shells, twine, jute, and corks.

You can see more of the ‘brown’ inspired projects at the Summer of Color.


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“She Holds On To Time”



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Butterfly Cards for Cockayne Syndrome

The butterfly is the symbol of those whose lives have been cut short by Cockayne Syndrome.

Since baby Knox was added to Amy and Friends worldwide support group I’ve been connecting with other families around the globe who have traveled this journey.

I’ve been looking for answers, searching for something to ease the pain of this diagnosis.

And I’ve started making butterfly cards.

I made this one with a special young mother in mind who contacted me recently.  She had seen Knox on the site and immediately noticed the incredible resemblance he had to her baby boy. 

 I had noticed it, too.

This sweet mother lost her little precious just a few short months ago at the age of 6 and a half months to CS 2. 

Too soon. Much too soon.

Sweet mother, if you stop by, please know that you are loved today.

Loved by your family, your friends, and by me.

I may live across the ocean, but my heart is right next door.


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Much Sought After


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Paper Bag Challenge for Somerset Life

I spiffed up these brown paper bags with varied paper media and duct tape.

Each bag features one of the more recent fashion acquisitions at the Met.

Duct tape makes a sturdy handle and the art elements can easily be torn off and saved.

I made the flower by letting puddles of glue dry on wax paper.  When the puddles began to stiffen, I shaped the puddles into flowers with my fingers and let them finish drying.  Then I peeled them off like stickers and glued them together to make the large flower.

While I was in the hospital with my son I spent hours cutting words from newspapers they brought me. I have a zip-loc bag full of words to use on projects. It’s fun to sort through them and try to find just the right ones.

I got this champagne colored glass glitter from Stampin’ Up. They sell the coolest stuff these days.

Words from my old French dictionary are always ‘dramatique’.

A dress made of metal.  Now that’s art.

I drew one eye with a fine tip pen and added a jewel on her forehead.  She needed to look as weird as her dress.

I’m going to try and get these shipped to Somerset Life for consideration.

The deadline for the paper bag challenge is May 15th.


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Another Antique Baby Portrait Card

Look at this sweet face!

This antique baby portrait was in such good condition.  And I have a friend expecting a baby girl this month so… I brought her home with me.

 The Antique Mall is becoming one of my favorite places these days.

I layered the portrait with some pink stained cheese-cloth, decorative paper, and a sturdy piece of cardboard.

And special cards deserve special embellishments. 

This strand of pearly beads belonged to my great-grandmother. One of the beads was perfect for the flower center.

The “It’s a Girl” stamp’s from Stampin’ Up.

I try to leave original trademarks and embossed designs visible.

Just like the other baby portrait card I made, I included a note, written on vintage paper. 

I pick up these old writing tablets at the Antique Mall when I see them,too.  Over the years the papers turn such pretty shades of creamy yellow and gold.

One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure I suppose.


As a final touch, I wrapped a flesh-colored hair-net around the entire card.  It added soft colored texture and femininity. It reminded me of canopy netting they might have used to drape over a baby’s bassinet long ago.

Have a lovely weekend!


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Antique Baby Portrait Card

When I go to antique stores I look for old photos.  I love to find baby portraits in good condition.

I love the old-fashioned dresses they wore (the girls and the boys!) and their sweet expressions.

I always wonder how something that was so precious to someone at one time wound up for sale in an antique store?

A good friend of mine recently had a baby boy so I decided to turn this baby portrait into a card for her.

I thought it was neat how the “b flat” symbols resemble small letter “b”s for “baby”. 

A handwritten note…

Tied up with string and a tiny pressed flower…

Wrapped in soft yarn and trimmed with a tag.

Congratulations to the “B” Family!

“The happiest days are when babies come.”   -Melanie Hamilton, Gone With The Wind


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