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Candy Corn Art

Somethin’ strange is going on with my blog!

I’ve been searching for some of my previous fall posts and I can’t find them. It’s like they’ve disappeared!

As you can imagine this has me a little frazzled.
My husband decided that the safest route would be to switch over to a dot com. I’ve never really had a desire to do this, but I’ve become more concerned with preserving my content.
So my blog may be on the blink for a day or two this week while the change is being made.

*These photos are some that I found in my old ‘fall art’ folders. I’m positive  I posted these back in 2009, along with another similar post,  but I couldn’t find it anywhere. So here they are again…my daughter using candy corn for a lovely garden picture.


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Candy Corn Queen 2011

She started out as a sketch on tracing paper, just like last year. I decided on an Elizabethan style queen and  initially sketched out a castle along with her….but I changed my mind on the castle later on.

After the basic sketch was done, I made a copy of it, and began drawing in all of the details of her costume, adding candy corn wherever I could.

Instead of a crown, I drew a rose that matched the rose pattern on her under-dress, and put it in her hair

I cut her out, made some more copies, and started playing around with some different color combinations.  It’s amazing how many different ways you can color something with just black, yellow, and orange.

A more serene background, with a large moon and birds flying in the distance, allows the queen to become the central focus of the picture.

I think I might need some better glasses! Good grief, I was going cross-eyed coloring these tiny candy corn!

At this point I thought she needed something else to make her costume fancier.

Then I remembered “Hello Doily!” I ordered this stamp from Stampin’ Up a few weeks back and hadn’t used it yet.

Is this a gorgeous stamp or what?

It was the perfect size for a layer of lace behind her collar, and a single section of the doily became a small lacey fan.  It’s so cool when stuff works out like this!

Used my extra small x-acto knife to cut out her finger just enough to ‘hold’ the fan handle.

Used some ‘Black Soot’ Distressing Ink to color the background. These inks have become one of my all time favorite products ever, I use them constantly.

Now she seemed complete in all of her candied splendor…..she just needed a little SPARKLE.


She’s finished! And I hope you have some fresh candy corn to enjoy this weekend!

You know I do.  🙂


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Candy Corn Owl


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Candy Corn Necklace

We made our candy corn jewelry using fresh candy corn right out of the bag (because they’re softer when they’re fresh) and a needle threaded with fishing line.


Happy October!


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Candy Corn Art II

more candy corn art 2

more candy corn art 3

more candy corn art 6

more candy corn art 7

more candy corn art 7

more candy corn art 10

more candy corn art 12

more candy corn art 11

more candy corn art 13

more candy corn art 14

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I Love Candy Corn

candy corn 03

candy corn 08

candy corn 04

candy corn 05

candy corn 06

candy corn 07


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