October Treat

My kids thought the arrival of October called for a special treat.

And so you have what could be the first ever decuple stuffed Oreo cookie…

Hope you’re having a sweet weekend!


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6 responses to “October Treat

  1. OH my goodness, never seen an Oreo like that before!!!

    Orange or decked 10 high 😉 Love it!

  2. Hi Scarlett .. sweet – so simple, so enjoyable and such fun to make .. good idea for the kids .. enjoy Autumn .. Cheers Hilary

  3. That’s an eye popping Oreo! Looks delicious! I’m sure the kids loved it. ~Sophia

  4. Thanks Scarlett – the PPF weekly check in really does seem so cool – and if you have the time, the thing I really like about it is that you can show WIP’s – that helps 😉 Happy Sunday, xoxo

  5. Oh my….two of my favorites. Yum! So glad your cubby organizer came in. Can’t wait to see what creative things you do with it.

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