Candy Corn Queen 2011

She started out as a sketch on tracing paper, just like last year. I decided on an Elizabethan style queen and  initially sketched out a castle along with her….but I changed my mind on the castle later on.

After the basic sketch was done, I made a copy of it, and began drawing in all of the details of her costume, adding candy corn wherever I could.

Instead of a crown, I drew a rose that matched the rose pattern on her under-dress, and put it in her hair

I cut her out, made some more copies, and started playing around with some different color combinations.  It’s amazing how many different ways you can color something with just black, yellow, and orange.

A more serene background, with a large moon and birds flying in the distance, allows the queen to become the central focus of the picture.

I think I might need some better glasses! Good grief, I was going cross-eyed coloring these tiny candy corn!

At this point I thought she needed something else to make her costume fancier.

Then I remembered “Hello Doily!” I ordered this stamp from Stampin’ Up a few weeks back and hadn’t used it yet.

Is this a gorgeous stamp or what?

It was the perfect size for a layer of lace behind her collar, and a single section of the doily became a small lacey fan.  It’s so cool when stuff works out like this!

Used my extra small x-acto knife to cut out her finger just enough to ‘hold’ the fan handle.

Used some ‘Black Soot’ Distressing Ink to color the background. These inks have become one of my all time favorite products ever, I use them constantly.

Now she seemed complete in all of her candied splendor…..she just needed a little SPARKLE.


She’s finished! And I hope you have some fresh candy corn to enjoy this weekend!

You know I do.  🙂


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24 responses to “Candy Corn Queen 2011

  1. Tah Dah…she is amazing! I think she is my fav so far regarding Candy Corn that is ;D Wow, so much impact with these colors! The lacy stamp adds so much detail! Stunning…. I love all the details you added, but the candy corn roses and her Elizabethan styled collar are my favorites!

  2. Floy Height

    She is exquisite! Beautiful work, Scarlett!

  3. OH WOW, This is gorgeous Scarlett, you are so talented!

    You could totally create your own stamp line from your wonderful artwork xoxo

  4. H Scarlett .. she is incredible – and what a wonderful name “the Candy Corn Queen” .. just gorgeous .. love seeing your photos and how the end result is built up .. just great – cheers .. Hilary

  5. She is AMAZING! I love all the details. That stamp was perfect. Hey, I’d need glasses for those little details too! lol Thanks for your recent comments on my blog. I can’t email you back when you comment. I don’t think you have your email set up in blogger and I don’t see an email button on your blog (maybe not enough coffee yet and I missed it?). I am so excited that you have a PB cubby headed your way. You will have so much fun decorating it for each season, each holiday, special occasions. My girlfriend just got one for their beach condo and we digging up all kinds of starfish, sand in a bottle projects, black and white pics of the kids at the beach. Just so much fun. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  6. Andrea

    Absolutely stunning!!!! Love this – love your candy corn themes this time of year!!

  7. Who knew you could make such gorgeous things with stamps?! So much pretty detail!
    You asked about Zentangle when you commented on my blog. Briefly, it’s a kind of organized, patterned doodling. The idea is that the act of drawing repeating shapes/lines allows you to enter a Zen attitude and relax and enjoy the drawing for drawing sake. The official site is and there is one that acts as a repository for many of the patterns (hundreds) that have been developed, Much of the flickr stuff, while beautiful is more ZIA (Zentangle inspired art) and uses the patterns but not in the original format. Officially Zentangles are done on 3.5″ square paper “tiles” not the larger 8.5×11 or bigger sizes. So there’s a little more info to get you started if you really want to browse and see what it’s like….

  8. Scarlett

    @Ellen –Thanks, the collar was my favorite part, too, mainly because I didn’t have to draw it! That big stamp came in so handy! 🙂

    @Floy– You inspired me to make another Queen, Floy! Now I guess I’ll just have to do one every year! 🙂 Thanks so much!

    @Annmaree –You are too kind….I would love to have a stamp line! I think it would have to be called, “Color ‘Til You Cramp” stamps.!! LOL, all that coloring!! Thanks so much, glad you like her!

    @Hilary– Thank you for taking a look, I know there are a lot of process photos, but it’s how I did it last year and sometimes I just like to show how things come about. I appreciate your comments so much!

    @Rusty Rooster Vintage –Hi thanks for pointing that out, I went in and added my email at the beginning of my profile…so if you hover over my gravatar, there it is. I didn’t realize it didn’t show up! Glad you liked her royal Corn-ness, and yes, I am really excited about filling up my cubby holes! Thanks!

    @Andrea –Thank you! Yep, it’s pretty much a tradition now! I appreciate you taking the time to comment. 🙂

    @Terrie: Creative Explorer –Wow, that is really interesting, *I did not know any of that. I appreciate the info, and I’ll take a look at the links! I love to doodle so I was really captivated by your drawings. Thanks so much!

  9. I love your candy corn queen! The ink work is amazing and love the color! ~s

  10. Of what I’ve seen, this is one of my favorite things that you’ve done! Really spectacular. =)

  11. Aunt Darla

    Very beautiful and creative! You are very talented! Love you!!!

  12. Thanks for the blog visit. I can’t even begin to imagine making something as spectacular as this!

  13. Scarlett

    @Sue Costa –I appreciate it, fellow artista!! Thanks for the comment!

    @graceeinkauf — Hey there, you’re so sweet! Thank you so much and I’m glad you liked her. I need to hop over and see what you’re up to these days…your FB profile pic has me very curious! 🙂

    @Aunt Darla –Muchas gracias, tia Darla, I think I got some creative genes from a certain side of the family. 🙂

    @2amscrapper –Wow, you are so nice to say that! Some nice pens and markers can do amazing things! Thanks so much and hope you can come again!

  14. Ummmm, yeah. Will I ever stop being amazed by you? No, don’t think it’s possible. This looks incredible! I love her so much. Scarlett, you’ve got such a gift.

  15. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog 🙂
    This post of yours is awesome! I just love it when the artist shows the process. Your drawings are wonderful and the intricacy of this is truly beautiful.

    I just read about Cockayne Syndrome as I hadn’t heard of it before. Such an awful disease but also so much love surrounding these special children. I was humbled reading about them. I shall be thinking if Knox.

    Lesley x

  16. Okay, FIRST of all – this is absolutely AMAZing! Just Fabulous! I really, really love it – I absolutely love how detailed and gorgeous your art and photos are – and I love how you show your steps – it is such a gracious thing to do. The addition of the stamp is really something and your figure is beautiful. . .
    Secondly, thank you for your sweet comment about 100 Illustrations – it is a really good idea that Diana has come up with and I highly encourage you to do it if she has one for next year. She is currently working on a new project about food that also sounds good and it’s a great way to build the ole resume 😉 Thank you and have a great week, xoxo

  17. Oh you make it look so easy.
    She is beautiful and as much as I love candy corn, I could eat it right off her lovely dress!!
    Great job, what a talent you have,

  18. Scarlett

    @i.ikeda –I’m so glad you stopped by! And thanks so much about the drawing. I appreciate the compliment and you have some super creative gifts of your own, Mrs. I…..I love the projects you come up with! 🙂

    @Lesley –Oh thank you, you read about my Knox!! Thank you so so much, that means so much to me that you would take the time to learn a little about CS. It is very rare, but the children are SO very special and precious as you said. Thank you so much for thinking of my little angel…and for your sweet comment.

    @Kristen –You are such an encouraging commenter, Kristin…thanks a million…yes, I am interested in that ill. project..I will keep my eyes open for that opportunity, thanks for sharing it with your readers, it sounds very rewarding!

    @Char –LOL, you and me both!!…just got home from the Walgreens with the 2 bags for $3 special..heehee…yummmmmmmmmmm. Thanks so much for your visit!

  19. She is beautiful…you make everything look so easy…wow…you really are amazing! Yes..I did have some candy corn this weekend…made some Autumn cookies…hugs to you for a great new week.

  20. This is amazing Scarlett! You’re so very talented!!!

  21. Wow! I love how you shared all the steps along the way. I am in awe
    of the beautiful end result.

    Love how you got creative for the collar 🙂

    btw thanks for visiting


  22. Scarlett

    @koralee –Glad to hear you are enjoying autumnal sweets in your neck of the woods! Thx for your sweet comment and for stopping by!

    @Ruth –I appreciate that, Ruth, you are very kind and I’m really glad you liked this. Thank you so much for your comment!

    missyk –Hello and thanks for coming by for a visit! Glad you like the collar idea…we gotta work smarter not harder, right? 🙂 Have a great day!

  23. Scarlett

    @missyk –If you stop back by I wanted to let you know that your link doesn’t take me to your blog! I’d love to visit again but forgot how I found you…Let me know how I can find you again! 🙂

  24. This candy corn queen is just amazing! 🙂 Love that you shared your process of making her. 🙂

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