Photo in Somerset Life, Winter 2011


That’s what we say down here in Texas when we’re super excited.

One of my photos is featured in the new Somerset Life!  This photo is from my post on Red Velvet Strawberries and takes up the entirety of page 130!

I’ve been so busy this week.  I counted eleven appointments in my calendar! I’ve had a little time in the evenings to work on a fun drawing, though.

The 2011 Candy Corn Queen is coming along now. Just a few more finishing touches and she shall be revealed, arrayed in a very appetizing frock!


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12 responses to “Photo in Somerset Life, Winter 2011

  1. It is beautiful! I love your photography, you definitely have the gift! Congrats on being published! ~s

  2. Congrats on your submission into Somerset! Your photography is simply stunning and the subject matter is “to die for”.

  3. Fantastic! I need to get my copy from the bookstore. Such a gorgeous photo.

  4. Congratulations Scarlett! It is a beautiful image.

  5. Congratulations Scarlett! That is awesome. I need to go find that issue! So glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find you here. I love your art! We gather on Fridays to share what has been happening or not happening in our studios during the week. I would love to have you join us! 🙂

  6. Congrats Scarlett! It is gorgeous as is your view of the unique~ I love how your photos inspire~ Good Luck this week regarding the Art Show! It is stunning and captures the magic of the seasons to come~ Happy 4U

  7. Floy Height

    I’m so proud of you! Your work is enchanting! Congratulations!

  8. Congratulations Scarlett!!! It’s a beautiful photo. I love it! I need to get a copy of the magazine. All the best ~Sophia

  9. I Just Saw it!!! Coming here to congratulate you! It is a gorgeous FULL PAGE and I knew it was yours as soon as I turned the page. Congratulations!! xoxo

  10. bscarlettc

    @Sue Costa –Thank you so much! And YOU have the gift for oil painting…something which still eludes me however hard I might try! Love your paintings! Thanks for stopping by!

    @ dee day –I am enjoying my beautiful little painting from you so much! I put in on the piano. 🙂 Thanks so much for being so encouraging to other artist, Dee! See you tomorrow night at the exhibit!

    @ Rusty Rooster Vintage –I was thinking of you today, I was shopping around for one of those cubby hole things to hang on the wall! Still can’t get that awesome display of yours off my mind. 🙂 Thanks so much, glad you liked the photo!

    @ Connie –You are so kind, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment! Happy Friday!

    @Jennifer — That sounds cool, I’d love to check it out. Can you email me the info/instructions? I’ll take a look at your blog, too, and see if I can find the info! Thanks so much for the invitation and the kind words.

    @Ella –Right back at you talented friend!! It makes it all the more fun to be published in the same issue together!! yay!! 🙂

    @Floy– Thank you, Floy, you and your art continually inspire me every week! Love you ❤

    @just4crafters –It's a true eye candy magazine, Sophia, you might really like it! You are so sweet to stop by and leave such kind words, I truly appreciate it so much, so glad I found your blog, too!

    @kristin –You know I think of you every time I see this photo, right? Without your summer of color challenge there would've been no red velvet strawberries, and no glittery tag, and no photo in this magazine!! Thank you so much, again, for hosting such an awesome blog challenge. I'm especially glad to have connected with you and found your blog, I love your work!!

  11. Hi Scarlett .. that is absolutely wonderful .. congratulations – a happy dance all round .. so well deserved – you are just one creative being & it’s great to watch … even if from afar.

    Have a good weekend .. and hope you have a little time to yourself .. Cheers Hilary

    PS it was good to see Sandra Everston at my blog – I’m sure she came via here … thanks!!

  12. Such a gorgeous, glittery photo…I can see why it was chosen to be published. And I hope your many appointments all go well.

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