Moonlight Maiden

I used Derwent Colour Soft pencils and ZIG Millenium pens to draw this maiden in the moonlight.

I’m not a big fan of the scary stuff this time of year. In fact, the only witch I’ve ever been fond of is this one.  But I do like to draw and make things that come along with this season: large yellow moons, colored leaves sailing in the breeze,  wise looking little owls, portly pumpkins of every size, and lots and lots of candy corn.

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of autumn with your favorite things. Have a wonderful weekend!


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11 responses to “Moonlight Maiden

  1. Oh, she is mystical and magical that Maiden of the Moonlight~ ;D
    I love all the detail and the huge moon makes the images really stand out!
    I love you gave her an owl…
    Well Done~ xXx

  2. Hi Scarlett .. love how you expose the picture til we see the full – full moon and a wise owl .. wonderful to see you at work – thanks so much .. have a lovely weekend with the family .. Hilary

  3. Nice drawings – I love the owl!

  4. You are so talented my friend. I love her.

  5. Oh I am so in love with this!

  6. She is beautiful! And I love the owl on her shoulder. 🙂

  7. So pretty!! and the owl is adorable too :))

    Have a blessed weekend!

    Kay Ellen

  8. bscarlettc

    @Ella –Thanks, Ellen, she’s a little different from my usual style. It’s fun to just start drawing and see where it goes…the owl’s my favorite part. 🙂 Appreciate you stopping by so much!

    @Hilary –You are SO encouraging, Hilary!! Thanks you and happy Saturday!

    @kelworthfiles –Hey there, thanks for stopping by today. I appreciate the comment and I’ll be over to see what you’re up to soon.

    @Vicki –I’m so glad you stopped by to take a look! Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!
    @Sandi –You are very kind, I appreciate your comment. Hope you come again!
    @NatashaMay –Thanks so much, I’ve always loved owls and now they seem to be quite the “in” see them everywhere! Thanks again for visiting!

  9. Scarlett, this picture is just beautiful! I love the owl. I’m also not a fan of the real scary stuff this time of year. I like to keep it fun, whimsical and magical. Have wonderful day! ~Sophia

  10. Fabulous! I love that owl and those brilliant colors. Very special, xoxo

  11. A magical maiden, beautiful.

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