Candy Corn Queen 2010

It’s just a bit of silliness, really.

But it’s artistic silliness.

My daughter was eating some candy corn and remarked how fun it would be to make candy corn jewelry.

Then I remarked how fun it would be to try to draw a lovely Candy Queen completely covered in candy corn accessories.

And now, for the rest of the story…

 I drew the original on tracing paper so I could play around with some different backgrounds.  I thought a bright orange sun looked cool behind her and I also decided to change the crown design for this one.

And the Queen has to have jewels.

I made the second Queen using the original crown design.  I stamped old handwriting all over a sheet of cardstock and then layered the original drawing over it.  Then I stamped some birds onto transparency pieces and moved them around until I liked the way it looked.

I turned it into a card and stamped an envelope to match. Because of the size of the drawing, however,  I had to cut most of the wing off so I knew I needed to reduce the image before making more cards.

*is anyone actually reading this? *  🙂

Of course, the reduce/enlarge feature on my printer busted as I attempted the first one,  SO I had to take them to Office Max and get some reduced color copies made.  The colors were altered quite a bit by their printer.

*note to self*

Get a new printer.


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21 responses to “Candy Corn Queen 2010

  1. Five people, huddled around the monitor, jaws slack, wondering where you come up with such fascinating ideas. Our glass pumpkin of candy corn sits next to the keyboard just as a source of culinary playtime, completely uninspired.

  2. Margaret

    I love this! 🙂 What better use could there be for candy corn than decorating a princess with it? (besides eating it, of course… 😉 )

  3. How fun!!
    I love your Candy Corn Queen!!

    Kay Ellen

  4. Missy Trantham

    These are so beautiful, Scarlett…is there an excuse to send me one? :)…Now I’m going back to read what you wrote, 😉

  5. amy

    I WANT ONE!!!

    Love, love, love them. Simply beautiful.

    (Can I buy a card from you????)

    Love, a

  6. jeana

    You have more art in you than should be allowed. It just oozes out. Your silliness is my inspiration.
    Love you so,

  7. bscarlettc

    oozes! haha! you are so sweet, thanks Jeana 🙂

  8. bscarlettc

    Of course! It’s on its way. I was planning on sending you one when I finished 🙂

  9. bscarlettc

    Too true! 🙂 Thanks Margaret!

  10. bscarlettc

    There is one for you already sealed up 🙂 Thanks Amy!

  11. bscarlettc

    Thanks Brenda! One of them is just for you 🙂

  12. Andrea

    LOVE the Candy Corn Queen!!! Adorable and so clever!!!

  13. This is totally gorgeous!!!!

    You should be illustrating storybooks, seriously you have amazing talent!

  14. yes

    someone was reading it!

    LOTS of someones were reading it
    and THIS someone
    thinks your
    is divine!


    a Candy Corn Queen!

    i think this makes a Fine Start
    for a children’s book…

    let me know when
    i can buy a copy…

    {{ isn’t it wonderful
    what you can do with candy corn !! }}

  15. Andrea

    Scarlett, I know I already commented, but I keep looking at this beautiful Candy Corn Queen – she is so beautiful! She is like a beautiful exotic tropical bird!!

  16. bscarlettc

    Thanks, Andrea! I’m glad you like her and I appreciate your comment so much! Everything looks better with wings 😉

  17. Melanie Keel

    Scarlett I feel privileged to have received a beautiful Candy Corn Queen Card. I absolutely love it, now buying cards from the store is just boring. Thank you for my thank you card, I love you more than I can say!! Kisses and hugs to all, Love Aunt Mely.

  18. What a gift you have! Thank you for sharing your artwork.
    She is stunning!

  19. Totally reading it and loving it! It’s the best Halloween thing I’ve seen! I mean that! Beautiful!

  20. Yes I read the whole thing. I love your Candy Corn Queen, she’s absolutely beautiful!!!! I like how you played with the layering. Just gorgeous!!! ~Sophia

  21. Very beautiful, creative and original! I’ve never seen anything like it. Don’t you love when inspiration strikes. I agree with the others…a story book should follow 🙂

    Take care,

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